Starpal Pte Ltd

Starpal Services

Starpal is one of the leading outsourcing companies providing a huge range of waste management services: Choose from the list below to see more details on each services we offer.

Destruction Services

Starpal will ensure the materials being destroyed are managed in a secure, controlled environment.

Waste Management Services

Disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to your business.

Precious Metal Recovery

Starpal Pte Ltd refining operation provides a wide range of services including a free, no obligation plant audit.

Toxic Industrial Wastes

Starpal specialise in Hazardous & toxic waste disposal, Waste acids & alkalis, Waste plating effluents and residues containing platinium, palladium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, silver, copper, tin, lead, zinc, Spent etchant solution containing cyanide/gold and cyanide/sliver, Gold Stripping Solution.

Inspection & Sorting Services

Starpal provides inspection and Sorting Services before or after manufacturing production.