Starpal Pte Ltd

Precious Metal Recovery

Precious Metal Recovery

Starpal provides Precious Metal Recovery Services.

Some of the precious metal that Starpal helps to recover are Gold , Platinum and Ruthenium.

Before Recovery

After Recovery

Recovered Precious Metal

Starpal Pte Ltd refining operation provides a wide range of services including a free, no obligation plant audit. Starpal works with your environmental staff to accomplish goals and maximize recovery. We offer many other personalized services for your precious metal recovery needs including:

● An open door policy
● A fixed purchase plan
● Easy-to-read settlement reports
● Tolling, hedging and metal exchange programs

Starpal is committed to being a reliable, professional partner, we would be glad to meet with you to create a program tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

Starpal specializes in custom solutions and metals recovery technologies and serve a wide variety of industries, including:

● Electronics manufacturing
● Surface mount and electroplating sectors
● Semiconductor manufacturing
● Telecommunications
● Aircraft and defense